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GERC Collets

GERC and GOZ Collets

The right one for any requirement

FAHRION provides the largest range of forms and executions of collets DIN6499/ISO15488 (ER/ESX) for different applications.


FAHRION collets DIN6499/ISO15488-B (ER/ESX) set the standard of concentricity and repeatability, which is 5μm for the types GER11-B up to GER40-B and 2μm for the types GER11-HP up to GER40-HP.


12 slots are sufficient in order to reach the required collapse to DIN6499/ISO15488. This is possible because of a special steel produced for us and a particular harmonized heat treatment. Compared to 16 slot collets, our collets have less tendency to distort.


All edges are not only deburred, but additionally rounded, which is a prerequisite to protect the inner cone of the collet chuck from marks. Thus, we guarantee consistent concentricity at the highest level.

FAHRION trademark

Only original FAHRION collets forms GER-B, GER-HP and GER-GB are indicated by this trademark.

Customer benefits

Thanks to their super-finished execution, our precision collets GER-B and GER-HP offer you the following advantages:

  • Increased rigidity and clamping forces
  • improved grip
  • higher precision and system concentricity
  • enhanced resistance to corrosion

What do you gain?

  • Increased tool working life, lower tool costs, less setting up time —> Lower production costs
  • Better surface finishes and tighter production tolerances —> Improved quality
Effect of runout on the cutting edges:

Concentricity for collets DIN ISO15488 (ER/ESX)

The tolerances are classified to DIN into two classes:

  • Class 2 is our standard for forms K2 and ET
  • Class 1 (higher TIR) is our standard for forms D and GB
  • FAHRION quality is our standard (average concentricity with a repeatability of 5μm resp. 2μm) for forms B and HP

Test method (except for HP) see below:

For applications which require highest concentricity, it is absolutely necessary to pay attention to the complete system (machine spindle, collet acceptance, clamping nut, collet and cutting tool).

Cost example
for a carbide drill Ø 12 mm with collet DIN SO15488- GER32-B (470 E)

Example 1: system concentricity ≤ 10 μm

Cost of a carbide drill: approx 80 EUR 
Cost FAHRION GER32-B collet with concentricity 5 μm: approx. 17 EUR 
Cost on basis of tool life of approx. 150 %: approx. 97 EUR

Example 2: system concentricity 25 μm

Cost of a carbide drill: approx. 80 EUR 
Cost CER32-K2 collet class 2 with concentricity 20 μm: approx. 8 EUR 
Cost on basis of tool life of approx. 55 %: approx. 88 EUR 
Cost for similar tool life of approx. 150 %
More than two carbide drills necessary! approx. 238 EUR

Result: Cheap collets almost triple the costs!

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