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Chucks SYNCHRO|T - Tapping Holder

Chucks SYNCHRO|T - Tapping Holder

The Perfectly Optimised Tapping Chuck

As precise as everything from FAHRION

SYNCHRO|T tapping chucks compensate for pitch differences of the tap and the synchronous spindle, as well as for the thread tolerances of the tap, and provide for a cushioning effect between the tool and the spindle during synchronised tapping (rigid tapping) on processing centres with synchronous spindles.

Versions entirely in accordance with needs

With more than 40 different shaft forms (DIN 69871 AD/B SK40 and SK50, DIN 69893/ISO 12164 HSK A40 to A100, MAS/BT JIS B 6339 AD/B SK40 and SK50 and cylindrical shafts Ø 20, 25 and 32 mm) we offer a broad range of versions.


Thanks to the outstanding product properties, drill service lives are prolonged and machine down time is reduced, just to mention a couple of the advantages that you gain.


The FAHRION SYNCHRO|T tapping chucks feature the following properties:

  • minimum length compensation on compression/tension (± 0.5 mm)
  • high radial rigidity due to double bearing
  • high concentricity
  • high clamping force due to clamping by tap collets with internal square drive
  • separate compression/tension mechanism
  • defined adjustable compressive/tensile forces
  • compact, wear-free design
  • long service life
  • internal coolant feed possible in all types
  • no clamping nuts with sealing discs are required when using coolant, since the FAHRION GERC-GB tapping chucks are generally supplied with seals
  • minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) available on request

And what do you and your company gain? These are the benefits to you.

  • Absolute process reliability due to minimum length compensation
  • low risk of breakage
  • longer service life of the taps by up to 150%
  • improved thread quality
  • reduced machine downtimes

In summary

In order to achieve the optimum cutting result, the FAHRION tapping chucks SYNCHRO|T should be used on machines with synchronous spindles, despite use of the latest controllers for the extension of service life and improvement of quality.

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